Pet Vaccinations

Vaccinations, or immunizations, are important for cats and dogs to keep them in the best of health. If you are a pet owner, make an appointment at Round Rock Animal Hospital in Round Rock to meet with our veterinary team for an evaluation and administration of vaccines. Here is some information about vaccines to read over so that you understand their importance, when pets can get their immunizations, and what vaccinations are available at our practice.

What Vaccinations Are For

Vaccinations help to trigger your animal’s immune responses by creating antibodies against foreign agents that could potentially cause diseases or medical conditions. Should your beloved animal come into contact with a harmful organism, the antibodies will identify and destroy them. The severity of the illness will decrease or prevent the disease altogether. Vaccines are great in protecting your pet’s health.

When to Vaccinate Your Pet

Your pet is able to get some vaccinations at an early age, usually at 8 weeks old. It is best to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced veterinarians for a medical examination before any vaccines are given. Our vets can determine if your companion animal is healthy and old enough to have immunizations. If your pet is not healthy enough for a specific vaccine, or if he or she is not yet old enough for it to be administered, a future appointment can be made for another evaluation.

Why It's Important to Have Your Pet Vaccinated At Different Stages of Life

Circumstances in a pet’s lifestyle can make a difference regarding vaccine administration. Also, certain immunizations need to be given at different times, such as a few weeks or a year apart, so that the vaccines can give your animal adequate immunity to the disease. Our veterinarians can discuss more in detail with you about when your companion animal should receive his or her vaccinations.

The Vaccinations Offered At Our Practice

Our practice offers vaccinations at all life stages for dogs and cats to keep them well-protected from illnesses. We offer core and non-core vaccines for both dogs and cats. Some vaccines we provide include:

  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • Bordetella
  • Parvovirus
  • Feline Herpesvirus
  • Calicivirus

Veterinary Care in Round Rock

Contact Round Rock Animal Hospital in Round Rock for your pet’s veterinary care needs. We can help you keep your pet protected from harmful diseases!